Mailing Lists


The IRM has created listserv distribution lists for its informational mailings.  This enables individuals to subscribe or unsubscribe to individual lists as applicable to their circumstances.   However, IRM Membership for faculty and postdocs is still strongly encouraged as some opportunities (i.e., pilot project opportunities) will be presented only to IRM Membership and not through the listserv.

  • To subscribe to an available listserv, please send an email to: and in the body of the message type: SUBscribe "name of listserv"    Example:  SUBscribe IRMSEMINARS
  • To unsubscribe, please send an email to: and in the body of the message type: UNSUBscribe "name of listserv"   Example:  UNSUBscribe IRMSEMINARS

Listserv emails should be sent in plain text and not HTML.  Upon successful subscription, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you receive an email stating that your email address is "outside" of Penn's computing area and cannot be added to the listserv, send an email containing your name, affiliation, email address, name of listservs you wish to join along with a short paragraph describing your background and/or reasons for joining and we will manually add you to the appropriate listserv.  Emails should be sent to Marjorie Candalla, IRM Manager.


Subscriber's to this list will receive email notification of seminars related to the Penn Institute for Regenerative Medicine (including, but not limited to, regenerative medicine and stem cell biology). 

Subscriber's to this list will receive email notification of IRM Stem Cell Club meetings.   Stem Cell Club meetings are a chance to discuss new developments and ideas in the area of stem cells and regenerative biology here on the Penn campus.   The Club meets monthly with the goal of talking about your latest work and interests, and provides an opportunity to receive critical feedback and suggestions.


A listserv is a distribution list controlled under one email address.   It is perfect for large groups of people or where the membership changes on a regular basis.  Many email systems (i.e., AOL, MSN, Comcast) reject emails that are sent to multiple addresses as the systems see this as SPAM.  By using a listserv, not only can we send out one email to many addresses, we control who may use that email as all emails are approved by the list owner.  Additionally, individuals control which mailing lists they wish to join and may unsubscribe at any time.